There are lots of things to consider when getting ready to go to University. Here is a timeline of all the things your student(s) should be doing in the lead up from 18 months before, until the very day they leave.

Research Universities Apply through UCAS Add further choices Choose Arrange student loan Arrange Accommodation Get Ready Attend University Receive Offers Results Clearing

The preparation path for attending University

  • May - September: Research Universities
    • Use Eluceo to see what universities are out there, look at university websites and order university prospectuses.
    • Attend a few open days.
  • September - January: Apply through UCAS
    • UCAS Deadlines:
      • 15th October: Oxbridge, Medicine, Ventinary & Dental Science.
      • 15th January: Most university courses.
      • 14th March: Some Art & Design courses.
  • January - March: Receiving your offers
    • If they don't get any offers, don't worry; they can add further choices through UCAS Extra.
    • If they are lucky enough to receive lots of offers they can move on to ...
  • March - May: Making a choice
    • If they are still not sure about where they want to study they need to do a bit more research into their selected universities, understand what they want from their three years and attend visit days.
    • Depending on when they received their offer, they have to apply by a specific date:
      • 31st March: reply by 4th May,
      • 5th May: reply by 8th June,
      • 8th June: reply by 23rd June.
  • May/June: Sorting out your student loan
    • This should be done as soon as possible - they do not even need to know where they will be studying to sort this out - but, depending on the country they live in, the deadline is in either May or June.
  • June - July: Apply for Accomodation
    • Depending on the university, the deadline dates vary; however once they have decided where they want to go its best to get their application in early.
  • August: Results!!
    • If they are better than expected, then they can apply for a better university through UCAS adjustment.
    • If they are worse than expected, then they can apply for a university through Clearing.
  • August/September: Getting ready
    • Apply for a student bank account.
    • Pack and buy anything that they might be missing.
    • Sort of all those bits and bobs, such as contents insurance, train/plane tickets, register with their university, etc.

They've made it to university.
Good Luck to them and trust that they will enjoy it.