There are eight government-funded, internationally-recognized universities in Hong Kong, as well as a number of private institutions which offer Associate, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees. Undergraduate degrees take 4 years to complete with the majority taught in English. Higher education in Hong Kong is recognised globally with three universities in the top 200: The University of Hong Kong (26), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (34), and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (39).


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Students need A-Levels, IB or equivalent when applying for an undergraduate degree, although the universities don't generally state the exact grades needed. You also need a certain level of English, as well as evidence of a second language. 

The University of Hong Kong suggests that you need between £720-£1,300 for accommodation with an extra £3,000 per year for living expenses (although they don't specify what this means). Fees cost approximately £10,000 per year, so prospective international students will be looking at an yearly expenditure of £14,000 and a total expenditure of £56,000. 

In a similar way to the UK, prospective students need to apply in the Autumn to be able to start their course the following Autumn. Deadlines fall around the end of the year of application.