Students who have applied through UCAS to five courses but have not received any offers may be able to apply for another course through UCAS Extra.

Extra is available from 25th February until early July. Those who are eligible, will see an option to 'Add Extra Choice' in the Track section of UCAS. Once they have entered the details of the course and University they want to apply for, UCAS will send over a copy of their application.

You can only make one choice at a time, and after committing to a course it is impossible to apply to any more universities. However, after being declined or after declining an offer, students can go on to add another extra choice and there's no limit to the number of times they can do this. To find universities and courses which still have places applicants can use the UCAS search tool - those open are indicated with a grey 'X'. Offers are handed out and accepted in the usual way and students will still be eligible for clearing if they do not meet the conditions of their offer.


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