• The UK has a history of educational excellence and many of our universities date back to Victorian mechanics' institutes and technical colleges.
  • The UK currently has 28 universities in the top 200, four of which are in the top 10, according to the QS World Rankings
3 University of Cambridge 86 University of Southampton
4 University College London 90 Durham University
5 The Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine 97 University of Leeds
6 University of Oxford 115 Queen Mary, University of London
17 University of Edinburgh 124 University of York
19 King's College London 129 Newcastle University
30 University of Bristol =136 Cardiff University
33 University of Manchester 148 University of Aberdeen
51 University of Glasgow 156 Lancaster University
62 University of Birmingham 168 University of Exeter
64 University of Warwick 172 Queen's University, Belfast
68 LSE 187 University of Bath
71 University of Sheffield 193 University of Sussex
75 University of Nottingham    
83 University of St Andrews    

Employer Reputation

  • The UK currently has 12 universities in the top 50 for employer reputation, according to the QS World Rankings (2012/2013).
2 University of Oxford 15= University of Bristol
3 University of Cambridge 15= Durham University
4= The Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine 15= University of Edinburgh
4= LSE
15= University of Nottingham
4= University of Manchester 34 University College London
4= University of Warwick 50 University of Birmingham

Learning & Research

  • Within UK universities there is an emphasis on independent study and critical thinking; skills sought after by employers. 
  • Learning and teaching takes many forms, through lab work, essays, seminars, tutorials and lectures, often encompassing state of the art technology. 


  • The cost of university for international students is between £12,000 - £16,000 per annum, which is comparable, and often less, than other Western countries when studying abroad. (Medicine, however, will be more than this). 
  • Students have access to free health care via the NHS when in the UK. 


  • There are a wide variety of universities within the UK, of different sizes and difference specialisations, so whatever your needs there will be a university perfect for you. 


  • The UK has a universal application system, the UCAS system. In this way, you apply to the five universities of your choice and are able to track your applications online. 

British Life

  • As an established country, there are many traditions and events within the UK which will appeal to international students. 
  • As a multi-cultural county, it is easy to get those comforts from home, such as food. 
  • The UK is a tolerant and welcoming society, making it easier to settle into British life. 
  • Europe is easily accessible and affordable for holidays.


  • Unlike most universities throughout the world, undergraduate degrees are typically completed in three years, while a Master's degree takes a further year and a PhD takes a further three years. 

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