Students holding up their arms

College and university education demand a number of strict and powerful skills in students if they are to tackle the conceptual and thought-provoking courses in their degree programmes. The development of these skills is not a one-time effort, rather a constant revision is required in order to keep yourself updated and in the action.

Therefore, here we are going to examine some core skills that are not only going to help you elevate your performance and stature in university, but also in your practical life.

The Art of Writing Brilliantly

One of the foremost, and equally important, need is mastering the art of effective writing both in your undergraduate and postgraduate majors. Easier said than done, as it requires a continuous, rigorous practice with accuracy and clarity. Students should emphasise enhancing their vocabulary and sentence structuring as thoroughly as possible.

It is important for learners to understand the concept and different forms of journalism, such as, investigative journalism, news coverage, and feature writing. Furthermore, see how evidence, arguments and counterarguments, claims, descriptions, etc. are presented in different courses, for example, any scientific writing piece uses passive voice, unlike other argument types that work with active voice.

Speaking in a Fluent and Clear Manner

Some students find it quite comfortable, in fact exciting, to speak in class. But others are not so happy and and it doesn't come as easily. For them, even the prospect of everyone being attentive towards them is a nightmare. While for most of us, the situation comes at a mediocre level.

In order to gauge your speaking performance, try to record your speech and listen how well you do. This exercise is important because no matter how good you may be in classroom discussions, still you never know how many pauses, such as, “hmm”, “actually”, “okay”, etc. you say during your speech. If you have trouble speaking in the class, this calls for an entire different course teaching the reasons and workarounds for exceptional speaking at college or university level.

College and university students can even take a course outside their major in Public Speaking or obtain a membership in debating clubs to refine their speaking skills. Besides that, try to indulge in group-leading projects that forces you to speak. When it comes to practicing out of the classroom, stand in front of the mirror and practice reading your oral reports.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking, one of the most important and game changing skill for any student, is all about learning how to think, instead of what to think. We listen to a plethora of discussions in class related to the subject matter of the course, and the case only gets significant in college and university level degree programmes. Considering the different perspectives of the topic discussed, ask yourself: Does this theory make sense? Is there a counterargument? Is their sufficient evidence? What else can be done to further simplify the problem and proposed solution?

The primary aim of such questions is to tempt the learners to tap into their critical and independent thinking ability, a skill not only applicable in advanced courses and sophomore years, but more than ever in your career.

Focus on “Focus”

Learning how to study with pure focus and concentration is considered quite an accomplishment at college and university level, where distractions both in and out of the classroom are more than ever. Focus not only helps the student to concentrate on the subject material lectured, but also in taking notes, homework, group-based projects, and attempting the most “dreaded” exam in the final year.

What students should understand is that study sessions take various forms, from slow recitation, to understanding a particularly complex topic, to quick overviews of large chunks for revisions. Besides that, students are also called to cater other academic commitments such as creating and delivering presentations, coursework, abstracts, help others in the class, facilitating and participating in group-based study sessions, and so on. Whatever the learning style and objective, everything requires utter focus, only then you’ll be able to extract the most out of your cognitive ability and learning experience.

Lara Hawkins is a professional educational psychologist having consulted numerous sessions in institutions throughout her career. Besides her regular job of educating learners on how to achieve their better self, Lara also runs a top-notch custom assignment writing UK with a healthy student base registered under his plethora of expertise.