Spring flowers with a mountain covered in snow in the background

Januaries are all about fresh starts, and where better place for a fresh start than at uni? How do you plan to make this semester better than the last? You might have already set yourself goals and New Year’s resolutions for 2017, but if you haven’t here are a few ideas:

Redecorate your room

Nothing says a fresh start more than tidying your room and making a few additions. You might have put up those posters when you first moved into uni and have grown up a bit now, and you might want to add some more adult furniture. Whatever you choose, the look of a tidier room can help you attain that fresh start in your mind, as your surroundings can often influence how you feel, and it also tells your friends that you’ve come back to this semester looking to work and play hard.

Sort out your sleep

We’ve all been there. You stay up until Midnight watching the latest film, and slowly Midnight turns to one, to two and to three and before you know it you’re waking up past Midday. Lectures usually start before Midday waking up so late won’t be all that useful when we return to uni!

A few days before you start back set an alarm for a time when you would have to be up for uni and however tired you get during the day plough through it! This way, by the time you’ll get to uni you won’t find yourself falling asleep in lectures and missing most of what was going on, only to find yourself having to stay up late to catch up on the work you missed.

Get organised

You’ll probably be dreading your full schedule of Spring 2017, so before the term starts spend a bit of time writing down all your dates and activities and everything that needs to be done. These may be when your essays are due, when your exams are (if any), any holidays or other activities you might be looking forward to. Otherwise you might find yourself missing deadlines and work slipping, and perhaps even forgetting that very important date. Whatever way helps you to plan, whether it’s the calender on your phone, a traditional diary, or an Evernote account, get planning now!

Set goals

There’s no time like January to set yourself some goals. Whether you want to go to the gym more often, join a society, explore your local area or land that perfect internship in the summer, there’s nothing like a good goal to help you motivate yourself and stop yourself from getting stuck in a rut. You might also find that you make a few friends along the way, learn something new or find a new passion which can never be a bad thing. You’ll also look back on your time more fondly, and remember how much you made of your uni life.


With the winter months still in full swing, and little ending in sight yet, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do anything other than sit in front of the TV with a packet of chocolate hobnobs. To help this lull, doing a little exercise and getting out the house in daylight hours can work wonders. Whether it’s a walk into town, a swim at the local pool or a hard day’s work in the gym, it will work wonders for your mood and help you fix your uni routine.

Declutter your bag

Even as a fully functioning adult, I carry a multitude of sins in my ever-growing handbag. Take some time to take out all those receipts and leaflets you’ve picked up in your life, and make sure you’ve got the right pens, stationery and equipment with you ready for the new year. That way, you won’t be caught out asking your nearest neighbour if you can borrow her pen in the first lecture of term.

Be optimistic

Look forward to the new semester and new year as a fresh start, and enjoy it!