Make the most of skills workshops at uni

Image Credit: Jo Szczepanska via free Unsplash License.

Throughout your time at university, you will be offered a number of skills courses which can aid you in your study. Currently these take place online, and normally range from an hour to three hours for something more in depth, although some universities may have offered in-person workshops previously and may continue to do so when COVID is over. They are a great chance to get off to a good start on your university journey, as they demystify so many confusing aspects of studying that are different to college and school. 

The courses that you may be offered include:

Study Skills

  • How to write for an academic audience
  • How to use citations and how to reference work
  • How to read critically
  • How to think critically
  • How to write dissertations
  • How to research and use the library
  • How to perform well in presentations
  • How to conduct literature reviews
  • Time management and organisation at university

Software Skills

These are workshops in particular aspects of software are may taken place over a number of weeks to help you gain a full understanding.

  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • SPSS
  • Matlab
  • Stata
  • R

It’s unlikely that you’ll need to attend all the workshops available to you when you start university; instead, work out what you need to do each year. For example you may want to leave the dissertation and literature review until your final year as well as presentation for when you encounter them, and start with using citations and critical thinking. If you are unsure about what workshops will benefit you the most, ask your academic advisor for more details.

Some universities will also offer you the ability to speak one-to-one with a learning advisor for half an hour to help you through some of the academic issues you face such as time management and study techniques, literature reviews and dissertations, presentation skills and academic writing, and navigate you towards where you can find in-depth guidance.