Children sitting on the floor listening to their teacher

If you are thinking about volunteering in your local community, before you jump into the next available opportunity, think about how you can make the most of it. Here are a few pointers:

What is your goal? 

Why do you want to volunteer? Is it that you enjoyed scouts when you were younger and want to make sure that new scout members have the same experience as you? 

Is it because you want to learn a new skill or gain an experience that will help you in your career? Or is it because you want to gain insight into an industry to understand whether it’s right for you?

Seek out meaningful volunteer jobs that will align with your goals.

Treat your volunteering like a paid job. 

Even if your volunteer work is sporadic, make sure you commit to it. You may want to take on roles with greater responsibility within the organisation. 

Remember to connect with the other volunteers via LinkedIn in the same way you would with work colleagues. You can also add your volunteering experience to your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Put your experience, skills and knowledge to use. 

Regardless of whether you are a student, working, looking for work or retired, you’ve got plenty to offer! 

This could be something specific, such as marketing, PR or strategic planning, or something more abstract such as using what you’ve learnt in your life to guide others via mentoring.