Grafitti picture of a screaming man with his hands over his eyes

Finally, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel and should be out of lockdown in the next few weeks. However, you still have the next couple of weeks to get through and you are probably at the end of your tether having been in the house for 6 WHOLE WEEKS. 

Now is the time to push through and make the most of those final few weeks as well as trying to keep motivated and sane. Especially now that it’s lighter and sunnier in the evenings, it’s good to create new habits and routines that are going to benefit you in the long run. 

Here are a few ideas to think about to get you started:

1. Think about where you want to be post lockdown

If you’ve eaten your body weight in biscuits or failed to leave the house for four consecutive days now’s the time to start thinking about where you want to be when you can return to normality. Watching copious amounts of TV has been great to get you through the boredom, but you can’t continue the trend forever. Do you want to go back to the office in control of your working life, start a new exercise regime or maintain those new-found hobbies? 

Now is the time to think about all the positives of post lockdown. Perhaps you can meet people who also have taken up the same hobby as you, or put together a post lockdown workout plan. Perhaps you will choose to be more mindful about the small things in life, whether it’s seeing friends or family, or the ability to go window shopping.

2. Write down your achievements so far

Even though you may be feeling as though you’ve been sitting in a slump for the past month you WILL have achieved lots. You might have learnt a new skill, worked towards goals in your home office, or ticked everything off your DIY list. Make a note of everything that you have achieved, however small, from every area of your life, and the pleasure in seeing how much you’ve completed will set you up for the next few weeks.

3. Formulate a plan

While you might not know when lockdown is going to end, or when your regular life will be back to normal, ensure that you have one or two things you would like to achieve over the next couple of weeks. These have to be doable in the time frame, and if they are consist of more than one step to achieve the goal you should write out each step - this way you will feel like you’ve achieved something every time you tick off a step, plus you’ll be more likely to start as the goal won’t look so daunting. Once you have completed a goal you can then treat yourself to something special, whether it’s watching a film, a house party call or a whole pack of hobnobs (but don’t indulge too often!).

4. Get up early

Seize the day, as they say. When you get back to the office it’s likely that you’ll have to wake up early once again so now’s a good time to start getting back into the routine so it doesn’t hit you quite so hard when you have to face reality.