Toddler sitting on a stool while her mother works in the background

With lots of us now working from home, and it likely to continue, you'll want to make sure that you are your best working self in your home office. By being your best working self you'll be able to move forward with your career, or let's face it, at the moment keep you current position without being first in line for redundancy. Here's our top tips to help you stand out while working from home:

Communicate effectively

Stay connected to your line manager and team, and make sure that they know what you are currently working on. It may be that you are working specific hours, which might differ from your usual 9 to 5, especially if you have children to homeschool, however if you are available, be prompt in answering questions and accessible if others need your support or advice. 

When communicating either virtually or through emails, remember that it’s more difficult for people to understand what you are saying than face-to-face, and your message may get misinterpreted along the way. Therefore, take more of an effort to spell out what you are trying to get across, and don’t take it personally if someone has got the wrong end of the stick!

Dress for success

Even though you are at home and could easily stay in your pyjamas all day, however setting yourself up for the day by getting dressed will help you be more productive. You’ll also show your coworkers that you are not just slumming it and are maintaining a professional existence. This is especially important if you are on calls with customers or clients.

Take the initiative

Go above and beyond your day-to-day role, whether it’s by helping others, especially if they currently have a lot on their plate looking after children and the household, taking on a challenge that’s been mentioned or learning new skills that can help you in your position. 

Set yourself career goals

While working from home, presenteeism is out the window and your performance is now measured by your output. Let’s hope this is here to stay as it can only be a good thing! While you may not have had a review recently, make sure that you are moving forward by ensuring that you set yourself some goals as to when you are going to complete projects or tasks, and stick to them by planning your time. That way you’ll show your employers that you are up to the job, are productive from your house, and that you can be trusted to use your own initiative and judgement.