Get your career back on track with these 6 TED talks

There’s no time like the summer to refresh, revitalise and renew your energy and focus on your career. And what better way to do so with TED talks?

That’s why we’ve curated six of the best to help you take stock of your current career, develop new mindsets that will help you reach your career goals, and even improve your work-life balance.

The Opportunity of Adversity

Aimee Mullins, a para-Olympian, model and former President of the Women’s Sports Foundation has faced a lot of difficulty and adversity in her life. She claims that adversity is not an obstacle we need to get around, but is instead part of our life. She advocates embracing it as natural, consistent and useful, and asks how far you’d go in the face of it.

The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

Adam Grant is a veteran of the speaker circuit. In this TED talk, he focuses on what original thinkers do that you or I don’t. The answers are surprisingly simple and can be adopted into our everyday lives.

Be an Opportunity Maker

Kare Anderson’s talk really sparked a new way of thinking about how we connect with others, convey our better selves and use our talents and skills. If you are not a natural communicator and speaker and hate talking about yourself, as she does, it’s also a great way to reconsider how we network in the 21st Century and build a life that we want to live in.

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

Nigel Marsh is pretty scathing about the current treatment of employees and their work-life balance. No, dress down Fridays and flexitime are not going to do you any favours. He urges you to take responsibility for the life YOU want to lead - what do you want from it and what are you going to change?

Embrace the Near Win

Sarah Lewis compares the difference between mastery and success. Mastery is ultimately being good at something, whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Success is just a moment, a fleeting event in time, in which you’d achieved your goals, whatever they may be.

She asks us to change our landscape and put our goals into closer proximity to where we stand, and we can do this by embracing the near win and ultimately obtain mastery.

The Power of Time Off

Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his studio for a year and takes a sabbatical to revitalise and refresh his thinking. And what has it taught him? In the next seven years, on return to work, he’s more creative, and each and every design has come out of his new learnings, ideas, and thought processes from his sabbatical. He acknowledges that without a break, he starts stagnating, reusing the same ideas over and over again. What could you do during a sabbatical?


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