Dining table featuring a white coffe mug saying Begin

With Covid-19 in full swing, it’s more than likely that you are worried about whether your company is going to keep you on past the next few months or whether they are going to go bust and take you with it.

And I am here to tell you that NOW is the best time to reflect on your career.

According to Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, a habit is made up of a cue, followed by a routine, followed by a reward. For years you have been waking up, grabbing breakfast and getting on that train all in the name of money in your bank account and weekends out with your kids. 

However, since lockdown, your cue has been firmly dismantled - there’s no running for that train - and all the pleasure you were gaining from laughing with colleagues, eating cake with them, helping customers or getting a project ticked off the list has gone out the window. As well as any weekends out.

Having broken your cue, and in turn not receiving any of your deserved rewards, you can now consider what an alternative life might look like. Maybe you work in a fast-paced environment with a lot of travelling and want more time for your family. Maybe your kids have left home and you have more time to dedicate to doing something you’re passionate about. Maybe you’ve almost paid off your mortgage so you can think about working fewer hours a week. 

Take this time to consider: Am I really in the right career for me? Is there something else I really want to try but have as yet not plucked up the courage? Was I burning out from my current career?

If there is an alternative career that’s been niggling you over these past few years spend some time exploring it. Is there an online course that could help you see whether you would like this career or find out more about what it’s about? Is there anyone you know in this career that you can ask questions? 

You may just find that now’s your chance to take the opportunity of a new career and start on the next chapter of your working life.