A rocket and a view of the Earth from space

With technology changing so fast and many new jobs yet to be created here are a few ideas as to what society might be looking forward to and what your future career might look like:

Space Tour Guide

We’re used to getting on a plane and travelling to a different continent and culture once in a while, however with Virgin Galactic competing to be the first commercial spaceline, and SpaceX working towards the colonisation of Mars, in the near future - if we’ve enough money(!!) - we’ll be able to travel to space and have tours of the earth and moon. This technology requires a number of tour guides and pilots, with language skills and an interest in space, and you’ll be lucky enough to spend your life taking in the vistas of the world beyond.

Organ Designer

In surgery and organ transplant we are currently confined by the number of donations that are received, and it is often the case that waiting list patients aren’t fortunate enough to live long enough to benefit from a new organ. Using biomedical engineering scientists can use cell cultures to make custom-made organs for implants from scratch, and will create the organ for a specific person using the patient’s own cells. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what they might be able to create in the future, for example customised human limbs, perfectly matching the patient’s existing skin tone, musculature or providing a new fashionable look or enhancing functionality for a particular jobs or sport. 

Genetic Counsellor

In utero foetuses are already currently screened for common disorders, such as Down’s syndrome, and it’s likely that this testing will increase in the future. Alongside disabilities, doctors might be able to test for intelligence or beauty, and this will create the need for counsellors to provide advice to couples who would like children and support concerning the risks of any genetic disorders.

Digital Detective

The job of a digital detective is to hack into computer systems to uncover vulnerabilities to prevent cyber threats. This industry, known as cyber security, is a growing issue affecting individuals and companies alike, and sites will need to be in tip-top shape to help protect them from those who might exploit their data and information.

Robotics Technician

With more and more robots in the workplace, from precision factory work to precision surgery, it will take a skilled employees who understands who to maintain them and keep them running smoothly. As a robotic technician, you’ll have experience in dealing with robots, classic machinery and cutting-edge technology and will play an important role in keeping businesses ticking.

A young woman sitting at an exhibition wearing a virtual reality headset

Could this be your future? Image credit: Nan Palmero/wikicommons

Food Scientist

With more people on the planet, we’ll soon have to find new ways of creating healthy and nutritious meals, and this might take the form of lab-grown meat. Google’s Sergy Brin has already funded a project which created a lab-grown burger, but they’ll need more time, investment and innovation to develop a solution to solve the unsustainable global population increase of what is expected to be nine billion by 2050. 

Virtual Habitat Designer

By 2025, it is thought that many of us will be spending much of our lives working, playing, travelling and socialising inside virtual reality environments so immersive, interactive and realistic that they will be almost indistinguishable from the real world. It may be that offices will become obsolete and we’ll be able to just log in virtually from our home office and interact with your colleagues as if they were in the same room. Alongside this virtual reality we’ll need architects and interior designers to create them and implement them for us, as well as those that keep the virtual establishments running. 

3D Printer Design Specialist

With 3D printing on the increase, especially in the manufacturing and prototyping industries we’ll soon need people to design and print their objects for them for individuals. Rich people might pay their own designers to create bespoke products for them, such as furniture, and there will be a market for everyday items that can easily be printed by a 3D printer. 

Sustainable Designer

With all the energy we’re using, we’ll soon need to create sustainable ways to build cleaner and greener homes, offices and vehicles. We’ll need sustainable urban planners, sustainable architects and a new approach to our energy consumption. This might also involve technicians and handymen who can install and upgrade solar panels and integrated home climate control centres.

Memory Storage Specialist

Perhaps a bit more sci-fi than the other examples, it is thought that by the late 2020s, software-brain interfaces will have started to enter the mainstream, allowing people to read and capture thoughts, memories and dreams. Memory storage specialists will be needed to help people to use and access these systems to increase the storage capacity of their minds, providing services that allow them to dip in and out of treasured memories and experiences at will.