12 exciting future job opportunities 1

Due primarily to globalisation, the rise of the internet, technological advances, and an increasing and aging population, there’ll be plenty of future jobs that don’t already exist yet that you might be interested to learn more about. Here are a few ideas of what might be out there:

Crowd Funding Specialist

With more and more people doing their own thing, and more and more people investing these people, businesses and individuals looking to make a vast sum of money to fund their venture are going to need expert fundraisers to manage their campaigns. 

Rewilding Strategist

As there are many habitats and species currently on the verge of extinction, animals will soon need to be rehomed if we are to keep them alive. They will locate suitable sites for these vulnerable species and migrate them to the sites, or create viable ecosystems in stressed landscapes, using patchworks of flora and fauna from all over the world.

Employment Recruiter

As the population is increasing, the world is becoming more global and the nature of careers are changing faster than ever, we’ll need more employment agencies to help people find suitable careers. 

Integrated Digital Media Specialist

Currently, we’ve got a number of different media that all work as separate entities, such as newspapers, magazines, films, TV and the internet. However, these media forms are starting to conglomerate so, alongside the written word, future journalists will have to work with sound, photography and graphics to create multimedia that people want to interact with and get their message across. 

Distance Education Consultant

The increase of online courses means that people can now learn in a multitude of ways and this choice is only set to increase. However, those learning want to be able to get the most out of their learning experience at a reasonable price as well as benefit from high-quality and informative education. As the online education market is so confusing, learners will be able to turn to distance education consultants to gain the most from their education taking account of their circumstances and needs. 

Media Search Consultant

Getting to the top of a Google search page requires a niche field and top-notch SEO. With more and more websites coming online every day, a business will need to place more and more effort in getting theirs to the top, and a media search consultant with search engine knowledge who knows the right keywords, how to drive up traffic, and how to take the company's website to the top will be key. 

A fox roaming on the grass

A rewinding strategist could be involved in bringing back the wolf to the UK. 

Waste Management Consultant

As the population continues to increase we are creating more and more waste and someone has to deal with our overflowing landfills. Soon we’ll need people with backgrounds in biology and chemistry to create new ideas and solutions on how to break down and eliminate all the rubbish building up in our lakes, rivers and on land. In the same vein, we’ll also have those whose job it is to look after all the space junk we’ve created and work out a viable solution for it not to clog up our atmosphere. 

Sustainability Officer

Sustainability is a hot topic currently, and amongst individuals mending and fixing one’s clothes has come back into fashion, and people are switching to green initiatives to save energy and money. Amongst businesses, a sustainability officer’s job is to find, research implement eco-friendly policies that benefit the company and individuals working there. Additionally, in the home, with an increase in technology use, a lot more energy will be needed to power all the appliances we use in our everyday lives. Sustainability officers will also be able to go into homes to tell them how they can reduce their energy bills, with a focus on renewable energy. 

Technical Writer

As we’re developing more and more autonomous systems and other technology which both households and companies will use someone will have to write all those instructions on how to use these new products and services. 


Although nurses are an age-old profession, we’ll need more of them in the future to deal with our increasing and aging population. Life expectancy is increasing by about 1.5 days a week at the moment, and more than half of all the people who have ever turned 80 are still alive. Alongside nurses who manage a patient’s physical health, we’ll also need more carers to look after psychological health as well as general wellbeing and care in the form of carers. 

Smart-Home Handyperson

The Internet of Things industry is set to be a $19 trillion market by 2020 and will create a number of new jobs for both engineers, as well as technically adept handymen/women. One of these jobs will include smart-home installers who will help households improve their homes and get them connected to the internet of things. They’ll also be able to come round to your house to fix something and get you reconnected when your system breaks down. 

Freelance Professor 

As education is moving into the on-demand, online sphere (see distance education consultants) we’ll also need freelance professors and lecturers to teach these courses and mentor students. It might be that soon, all you’ll need to create your own university is a great online teaching style, course materials, and marketing plan.


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