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The minute you successfully graduate from college with a degree in IT and technology, you will definitely be ready to gain some highly anticipated work experience. Fortunately, this particular field is crammed to the gills with rewarding career openings, just waiting for you to unravel. Indeed, the IT and technology industry is now ranked as one of the fastest growing professional fields on a global scale. With technology wielding a substantial influence on how most things are done nowadays, it is hardly surprising that this should be the case. Still, the big question in your mind at this particular point in your life is - ‘Just how are going to land that dream job you have always been coveting, now that you have a degree in IT or technology?’ Well, there are several answers which can address this seemingly insurmountable query. 

To begin with, strong technical competence is certainly one of the prerequisite skills most prospective employers in this given sector are interested in. Naturally, you can be able to underscore your proficiency in this issue simply through the exact courses you studied in university and how well you excelled in them. Also, a bit of healthy curiosity is another vital factor in you being able to eventually land a lucrative job. Technology keeps evolving at a dazzling speed, and there is always some new useful skill to master for those who are curious enough. You will have to be open to take up newer professional challenges, rather than just sitting aside and watching the world pass you by, while vegetating in mediocrity. As such, you will need to devote your time and efforts to constant learning and exploration. Well, with that fully understood, here are some few tips on getting a graduate job in IT and technology for the very first time.

Master touch typing  

Finally, mastering how to touch type is another big plus when you wish to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. Basically, this skill primarily focuses on improving typing speed and accuracy. In turn, significant improvements in these two areas always results in an appreciable boost in productivity. This allows you to take up much more work than the average IT professional, and be able to dispatch them with an unerring precision, all the time. A circumstance which will make you infinitely more marketable to most would-be employers. At the same time, touch typing also focuses on imparting the ideal typing ergonomics. A graduate job in IT and technology will obviously require you to spend many hours on end in front of a PC. With an improper typing technique, your overall comfort as you work will be greatly impaired. In the worst scenario, you can end up sustaining repetitive stress injuries on your hands, wrists or fingers. To address this concern, touch typing will teach you the right techniques to enhance your comfort and avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Pursue further academic education

On the other hand, you may decide to pursue further education in IT and technology, upon obtaining your degree. This can enable you to expand your career horizons, and in essence, open up even more lucrative and rewarding job opportunities. For instance, if you have just obtained a foundation degree, a bachelor’s degree will let you gain more proficiency, in say, no fewer than one programming or web design/development language. It will also permit you to gain more comprehensive know-how on computer systems in general. Alternatively, pursuing a master’s degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, will allow you to concentrate on honing specific skillsets in certain IT and technology fields. This can include digital media, software development and software engineering to name but a few. After getting a master’s degree, you can even opt to pursue a PhD. This will provide you with the necessary skills to analyse at depth the impact of technology on business operations, economies or perhaps scientific research.

Take up an internship posting

Most often than not, merely excelling with distinction in your college studies, just isn’t all it takes to catch the attention of prospective employers. It is important to note that most companies are still keen on real world experience, whenever they wish to hire new employees. But, how then can you gain such experience if you are fresh from college? Well, taking up an internship can be one of the best options that are laid out for you. This can be a superb opportunity to discover just what really interests you professionally. An internship will also furnish you with invaluable professional contacts, which can come in handy later on in your career. Even better, almost sixty percent of the time, graduates who have worked on paid internships are assured of landing a good job.


My name is Daria Postoyalkina, I’m a development manager at Ratatype. This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed.